Delta Bridge Project Formed in partnership with the Walton Family Foundation, the Delta Bridge Project is a targeted geographic approach that integrates Southern’s comprehensive rural economic development strategy with local, state, regional, and national programs for the Delta.

Delta Cultural Center The Delta Cultural Center, located in historic downtown Helena, Arkansas, is a museum dedicated to the history of the Arkansas Delta. The museum interprets the history of the Delta through exhibits, educational programs, annual events, and guided tours.

Helena-West Helena Advertising & Promotion (A&P) Commission The A&P Commission’s primary mission is to promote the city of Helena-West Helena and its environs as a tourism destination.

Southern Bancorp Community Partners Southern’s focus on rural development is best indicated by the fact that its offices are located in small rural communities, most with populations of 15,000 or less. The mission of Southern is a personal responsibility of its employees who live and work in the area they serve.

Phillips County

Helena Harbor Phillips County Port Authority website. Come find out why Helena Harbor is the perfect port for your business!
Helena Museum of Phillips County, Arkansas
Phillips County Chamber of Commerce